What is Ifempower project?

Ifempower is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, with 9 partners from 7 European countries.

Ifempower wishes to empower females to get engaged in self-employment and entrepreneurship especially in SMEs. Based on a preparatory research on the role of females in European SMEs, investigating the main roles, hindrances, gaps and market needs, the project will elaborate a module for university students which can support to broaden their knowledge on entrepreneurship related topics, providing hands-on training to support their engagement in self-employment and entrepreneurship.

What is Ifempower online platform?

This online platform was created to promote women in entrepreneurship and innovation in entrepreneurial ability, work from a practical and innovative approach and help in the development of entrepreneurship ability through a modelled projects simulator with real situations that occur in different enterprises scenarios.

This toolkit was developed as a complementary support tool of the personal support points developed by the project and enable visitors to find good practices or specific suggestions to their specific problems.


Who can benefit?

Any female entrepreneur


Is this online toolkit free of charge?

As it is online and free of charge, it can help female students or women in general who are interested in creating their own business in the EU in various ways, including legislative, administrative, managerial, or personal issues which based on stakeholder interviews, practical, real-life challenges of female entrepreneurs.


What is the Female Entrepreneurship Support Point?

Ifempower Female Entrepreneurship Support Point have the mission to support the creation and managing of new businesses by women entrepreneurs, as well as the effective start of their activity and their development, through the provision of information services, advice, mentoring, training and business financing support. Thus, through these points in each partner country, women entrepreneurs will get support on the daily issues that inevitably arise during the course of starting and/or running a business.


For any information related to the online platform please consult the user guide.

Last modified: Wednesday, 18 August 2021, 5:26 PM