Case Studies

Gergo Vari and his Enterprise on the Internet

Gergo Vari and his Enterprise on the InternetGergő Vári eventually joined his friends as he was on the brink of making a career decision. Gergő had finished elementary school in Budapest, studied at an American secondary school, graduated from University in Budapest, and got his Master degree in economics from McGill University, Canada. While at the University, he took two courses about starting up enterprises and managing small businesses - courses he would eventually really benefit from. He tried to focus on realizing his lifelong dream of establishing his own enterprise, but it was difficult because he felt he lacked the necessary experience, knowledge and connections. Furthermore, he didn't even have any idea as to what type of business to start. Finally, he took a job as an auditor at an established company, where he worked for six months. "I realized that working for someone else was not my cup of tea. I am not a good employee."

Read more about this successful example here (pdf).

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