Mentoring Program Empowering Female Entrepreneurs


Mentorship is a relationship between individuals, resulting from a higher purpose – proficiency in a certain field or skill, referring to different stages of learning (professional or personal development), in which at least one of the parts involved needs guidance, information, networks or all at the same time.

Mentor-mentee relationship allows space for private discussions in which at least one part is interested in benefiting from the growth of the other (recruitment, talent promotion, better networking with other business partners through mutual training, etc.). Mentor is a volunteer who has already achieved a certain level of success/proficiency and would like to share from his professional knowledge and personal wisdom to younger pretenders.

ifempower Handbook for Mentorship Program brings knowledge to Higher Educational Institutes (universities) that are project partner in ifempower, on how to implement the mentorship program. Afterwards it can be applied by any university wishing to focus on the empowerment of female entrepreneurs. 

The handbook is not to be seen as a guide for entrepreneurs on how to become and how to be mentors. Handbook explains how to identify and convince entrepreneurs for becoming mentors.

Access the ifempower Handbook for Mentorship.

Last modified: Thursday, 19 August 2021, 5:53 PM